TaMaR Emblem

TaMaR logo The idea behind the TaMaR emblem:

  • The TaMaR emblem is based on the Netzer one.
  • The Netzer emblem relates to historical traditional Jewish symbols, aside to elements which are connected to the movement name.
  • The historical traditional motives are of course the framework of the Magen David as well as the Jewish Menorah. The symbolic elements which relates to the movement name – Netzer. In Hebrew the initials of Netzer stands for – Noar Tzioni Reformi – Reform Zionist Youth. Yet, the meaning of the Hebrew name – Netzer is actually – a new plant of a tree, which starts to grow next to an old tree which died.
  • Therefore, the Hebrew letter – צ – Tzadik is drawn with two fresh leaves. This is to symbolize that not as most of the historical Jewish youth movements, Netzer was founded after the holocaust, pointing on the renewal of Jewish life.
  • The TaMaR emblem actually follows these basic ideas.
  • Therefore, its frame is Magen David as well.
  • In its center – the date tree – high, sturdy, pointing upright proudly – as if declaring – that the small plant of Netzer already grew high – in the desert, making the desert bloom. The dates trees are growing along the Arava, also in the Netzer – Nfty Kibbutzim, Yael and Lotan.
  • The English writing of TaMaR actually draws the look of the top of the date tree.
  • The Hebrew writing on its base as well as the emphasized parts of the Magen David, draw the base and the top of a building, pointing towards the idea of Hagshama – building our home – either in Israel, or building a stable Jewish home – community wherever we are.
  • To relate to the whole circle – Netzer starts with educating its members towards Judaism, Zionism, Tikun Olam and of course – Reform Zionism. TaMaR deals with implementing these ideas.